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Ergaki Nature Park

Ergaki Nature Park Volunteer Project “Wind of Change”

     Each year volunteers help Ergaki Nature Park in a variety of ways. Park rangers in cooperation with volunteers make park more convenient for visitors constructing boardwalks and trails with different surfaces, stairs and picnicking places. The first volunteer project was held in the Park in 2008. Since then volunteers have almost paved trails to Raduzhnoye (Rainbow) Lake and a Siberian Hunter’s Trail and made a lot for equipping trails to Svetloye (Light) Lake and Rock town. They have marked the main tourist trails of the Ergaki mountain ridge (60 km), signposted the forks of the trails (over 50 signs) and equipped six climbing routes in Rock town.

     Volunteers come to Ergaki Nature Park from different parts of Russia as well as from abroad. Several international projects attracted participants from Germany, Slovakia, Moldova and Ukraine.

     The partners of Ergaki Nature Park are Volunteer center “Burunduk” (Chipmunk) (Moscow), Gruner Grashalm e.V. (Germany), Krasnoyarsk regional youth organization INTERRA, etc.

     The Park has experience of corporate volunteering. In the future, the Park authority plans to develop research and educational volunteer projects as well as long-term volunteering.

     Administration of Ergaki Nature Park was twice awarded with the certificate as the “Best protected area for the volunteers” (2013, 2014) among volunteer project in Russia.