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Ergaki Nature Park


     In winter visitors are welcome to snowmobile in Ergaki Nature Park. Ergaki in winter is a very special experience.

     In Ergaki Nature Park snowmobiling is allowed ONLY in the economic zone (8843 ha) comprising of a Visitor Centre of the Park and several accommodation facilities (tourist complexes, ski lifts, parking, etc) nearby.

NB! Oyskoye Lake, located at 605 km of the federal highway R-257 is a Nature Monument. Snowmobiles are PROHIBITED there!

     The snowmobile offers more mobility to the most popular attractions. Over-snow vehicles accomplish the trek into the heart of this snowy paradise of Rainbow (Raduzhnoye) Lake, hill Tushkanchik and Rock Town.

     The 3,4-km route to the Rainbow lake is considered to be the finest snowmobiling route due to the tremendous amount of backcountry powder and it's proximity to Visitor Centre of Ergaki Nature Park. It starts from the camp site "Buyba" and goes along the right or left bank of the river Nizhnaya Buyba, then up the river Small Buyba to the Rainbow (Raduzhnoye) Lake. You could enjoy the views of snow-dusted trees and frozen lakes, Hanging Rock and rock massif Sleeping Sayan.

     The hill Tushkanchik located just few minute ride from Visitor Centre is one of favourite snowmobile riders’ destination. The variety of slope types and treeless plots terrain let you enjoy both the speed and unique scenery of Ergaki.

     Rock Town attracts visitors all year round. A 28 km ride along the valley of the Big Oya River has the variety for any snowmobiler whether it's your first visit or you're a seasoned hill climber.  An easy route offers endless powder valleys allowing to experience breathtaking speed and grandeur of surrounding Siberian nature. You will see the gateway of the trail to Rock Town. Drive few kilometers farther and descend to the valley of the river Malaya Oya to enjoy a wonderful view of the "towers" of Rock Town.

     To make your winter trip more enjoyable, please plan ahead. During inclement weather, there will be overcrowding at the warming huts, restrooms and restaurants due to the limited winter facilities. Most winter visitors currently prefer to travel by snowmobile. Please consult Visitor Centre informational officers to plan your winter vacation and be aware of road closures. E-mail: ergakipark@mail.ru

Avalanche Safety in Ergaki Nature Park

      Most avalanches in Ergaki Nature Park occur spontaneously from March to May during storms under increased load due to snowfall. The second largest cause of natural avalanches is metamorphic changes in the snowpack such as melting due to solar radiation. Artificial triggers of avalanches include skiers, snowmobiles, and controlled explosive work.

     Slopesteepness plays a major role determining avalanche risk. Potentially dangerous are slopes of more than 15-degrees.As a rule, in the Park the most dangerous are Northern and Eastern slopes.

     So, if you are skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling in avalanche prone areas on unprepared trails, you should carefully evaluate the factors of avalanche danger and be prepared for the unexpected deterioration of the avalanche situation.

     If you want to enjoy the great outdoors in areas prone to avalanches, you can minimize the danger by following a few simple rules:

     Do not ride a snowmobile if:

   - there is a heavy snowfall (more than 2cm/hour) in a short period of time;

   - there is a significant shift of snow due to wind;

   - continued cold and clear period follow intensive snowfalls;

   - there is a dramatic change of temperature;

   - there is a prolonged period (over 24 hours) with temperatures close to 0C or above.

     Avalanche Safety and medical assistance on the territory of Ergaki Nature Park are provided around the clock by the Siberian department of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. The emergency center is located at 605 km of federal highway R-257 "Yenisei" = in Russian P- 257(in old maps M-54 “Yenisey”) near Oyskoye Lake.

     Siberian department of Russian Emergencies Ministry:

Tel.:  8-904-893-41-29

     Please don't hesitate to contact our Visitor Centre or Park office for detailed information and assistance in person or by phone or mail.

Phone:+79020137925 (Visitor Centre information officers)

8(39138)2-11-41 (Ergaki Nature Park office in v. Ermakovskoye)