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Ergaki Nature Park

The legend of Ergaki

     An ancient legend tells that once upon a time there lived a husband and a wife. They loved each other, lived wealthy and had many children. They had many children but all their children were girls and the parents knew that soon they would leave parent’s house. The parents dreamt of giving birth to a boy who could support them and keep family traditions.

     Once the man met a stranger, who was walking wearily along the road. The man invited him to his house to stay there overnight. The couple told the stranger about their problem. The visitor said nothing but in the morning he gave an apple to the wife and asked her to share the apple with her husband. The stranger promised that in this way they will give birth to a boy as beautiful as that apple.  The hostess didn’t believe the stranger, but nevertheless she followed his advice.Pretty soon she realized that she was pregnant.

     She gave a birth to the child who turned out to be a handsome and strong boy, thus he was called Batyr. He grew up rapidly. His parents adored him so much that they treated him like a prince. He knew myths about Gods who lived in heaven and were supposed to do nothing. They were said just to eat, drink and entertain. And Batyr envied the Gods and made up his mind to join the Gods.

     He climbed up the highest mountain and raised his hand, shouting to the Gods: “I’m as smart and handsome as you are. I have a right to live in the heaven!” The   Gods got furious about the words of a mortal. They turned Batyr into stone and exiled him to the depth of hell. The Earth swallowed him up but his petrified fingers left on the surface to show to the next generations the power of God’s anger. That is the way Ergaki mountain ridge was formed. In the ancient Turkic language Ergaki stood for “fingers”.

The legend of Sleeping Sayan and Hanging Rock

     Hundreds of years ago there lived a tribe of the Sayans. They were good hunters and fishermen. One of them named Sayan was a pious man. He understood the language of wild animals and plants and used to help and protect them all the time. Time was flying quickly and when he passed away, gods decided to turn him into stone to Sayan guard Ergaki forever. So, the Sleeping Sayan lies there as an eternal guardian of the taiga protecting all living creatures.

     The legend says that if people upset the balance and destroy the nature the Hanging Rock will fall down into the Rainbow Lake. The splashes of water are supposed to wash the face of Sleeping Sayan to make him alive. So, he will wake up and punish the destroyers of nature.