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Ergaki Nature Park

Visitor Information. Rules and regulations

     Ergaki Nature Park located in the Western Sayan Mountains in southern Siberia is an absolute “must see” sight in Russia often called ‘Russian Yosemite’. The park offers an escape from the crowds and hectic urban lifestyle! It’s a perfect getaway to the pristine nature with unsurpassed opportunities of summer and winter outdoor activities. There you will see terrific landscapes immortalized by Siberian painters and photographers.

     All the territory of the Park is open for tourists except for the conservation area (15,8%) with no public access. Its function is to preserve natural complexes in their native state.

     Permits are required for visiting Smotrovaya Trassa (Observation Road) and Olen’ya Rechka (the Deer river) – a destination at 609 km of highway R-257. If you plan to travel to this part of the Park – a part of the old Usinskiy road starting from village Tanzybei, you should get a permit at the Park office at 42, Rossiyskaya st., Ermakovskoye, Ermakovskiy District, Krasnoyarsk krai, on weekdays. Hours of operation - 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The office is closed from 1:00 to 2:00 pm.

     Visitors to Ergaki Nature Park should check in at the Visitor Center of the Park, located at 614 km of federal highway R-257 (in old maps M-54 “Yenisey”).

     Never leave the park without informing the Park staff!!!

     You can inform about leaving the park:

  1) in person;

  2) by texting a message “Name Surname (e.g. John Stanley) is leaving Ergaki NP Date (e.g. 12 July 2017)” to the Visitor-Centre information officers +7-902-013-7925;

  3) by e-mail: ergakipark@mail.ru during 2 days after leaving the territory of the park.

     Otherwise the Rangers will have to organize mountain rescue teams to search for lost tourists!

Ergaki Nature Park offers free admission. Fees are charged for guided tours and accommodation.

     For visitors’ convenience Ergaki Nature Park Service offers some additional services:

  -  guided tours;

  -   accommodation at the territory of the Park;

  -  three campsites including wooden platforms for tents, campfire sites, picnic tables, pit toilets, garbage cans (a campground near the Visitor Centre, Tushkanchik Campground, Malaya Buyba Campground at Raduzhnoye Lake (Rainbow Lake);

  -   two parking lots (at the Visitor Centre at 614 km of federal highway R-257 and at Tushkanchik ranger station at 622 km of federal highway R-257;

  -  fire wood for campgrounds;

  -  a storage room at the Visitor Centre.

Park rangers can help you with the organization of your trip and arrange a tour to Rock Town, Hanging Rock and Siberian Hunter’s Trail.

Best seasons for visiting Ergaki Nature Park. What to do here.

     Park is open all year-round. High seasons are mid-June – mid-September for hiking, trekking and climbing and November-April for winter outdoor activities. The park provides remarkable opportunities for outdoor recreation on more than 60 km of self-guided marked trails. In summer there is a wide variety of trails to choose from. There are all types of paths, from the easily accessible magnificent half-day Raduzhnoye (Rainbow) Lake tour to strenuous exciting multi-day backcountry treks for experienced travelers. Ergaki Nature Park is a hiker's paradise for adventurous visitors seeking wilderness and solitude.

     The winter tourist season starts from early November and lasts until the beginning of May. In winter the snow blanket reaches up to 2-3 meters therefore visitors can explore the area by cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Picturesque slopes are ideal for winter outdoor activities (downhill skiing, sledging, snowboarding, etc.). Long cross-country ski tours can be recommended only to experienced and well equipped group of skiers. The equipment rental at a lodge centre “Ergaki” offers a selection of the equipment and a ski service room. http://ergaki.com/?mode=services

     Whatever trail or season you choose, come prepared for travel in a rugged mountain environment and unpredictable weather!!!

Safety and rules

     The Park is a protected area, so visitors must follow established environmental rules.

     In Ergaki Nature Park visitors should

   -   keep to existing marked trails and boardwalks.

   -   pitch a tent and make campfires only in designated areas;

     Visitors are not allowed to:

   -   leave waste in the Park;

   -   pitch a tent near the waterbodies (closer than 100m)

   -   pick up flowers, gather or dig up plants;

   -   wash the dishes or hand wash in lakes and rivulets;

   -   wash vehicles in lakes and rivulets;

   -   pull off the federal highway R-257(M-54);

   -   make noise, play loud music or use fireworks to not disturb animals;

   -   bring dogs or other animals into the Park in spring-summer season not to disturb nesting birds;

   -   fish or kill, catch or hunt animals or take away eggs or nests;

   -   destroy or damage natural objects;

   -   fell or damage growing or dead trees;

   -   feed wild animals.

     But you are allowed to:

   -   gather berries and edible mushrooms for eating in the Park;

   -   use dry branches to build a fire.

     If you follow the rules, you will help to protect the valuable and fragile nature of Ergaki Nature Park. We will much appreciate your cooperation in nature conservation!

     *Please bear in mind that the Visitor Center rangers speak Russian. In summer English speaking volunteers occasionally assist with registering visitors and organizing guided tours. Therefore, if you need detailed information and assistance don't hesitate to contact our Visitor Centre by e-mail ergakipark@mail.ru in advance.