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Ergaki Nature Park

Administrative regulations and zoning

    The Park covers a total area of 342.873 ha – more than 3420 km2.  It is located primarily in Ermakovsky district of Krasnoyarsk krai though it also extends Karatuzsky district.

    For better protection and efficient use of the Nature Park’s resources its territory is divided into four functional zones.

    The recreational zone is the largest one (49,9% of the territory). It unites nature conservation with ecotourism. It has a number of hiking trails and basic tourist facilities.

   The conservation area (15,8%) is a special conservation zone with no public access. Its function is to preserve natural complexes in their native state.

    A further 31,7% of the territory is the area of customized traditional nature use where traditional economic activities (berries, mushrooms and nuts gathering, regulated hunting and fishing) can be permitted for locals.

    The remaining 2,6% of the territory is the economic zone comprising a visitor centre of the Park and several accommodation facilities (tourist complexes, ski lifts, parking, etc.)