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Ergaki Nature Park


     Hydrological system is basically formed by rivers and lakes of mountain type. River network is quite dense and extensive. On the territory of Ergaki Nature Park there are numerous streams, rivers and rivulets with crystal-clear water. The rivers are fed from snow-melt in late spring and early summer and then from precipitation and groundwater.

     The Oya, Us and Kazir–Sug Rivers are three main waterways of the Park. They have more than 20 tributaries.

     Formed by glacial movement over millions of years, Ergaki is the natural home to more than 100 mountain lakes. These pristine waters decorate the high mountain landscape like jewels and, like the glacier snouts, feed the sources of hundreds of mountain torrents. Oyskoe Lake is - 25 metres, Raduzhnoye (Rainbow) -2-3 meters, Svetloye (Light) Lake - 16-36 m, Buybinskoye – 30-40 meters deep.

     These torrents plunge down into the valley with primeval force, particularly during the time of the snow and ice melt, forming magnificent waterfalls. Mramorniy waterfall (Marble Waterfall) is one of the main landmarks of the Park.