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Ergaki Nature Park


    Ergaki nature Park is one of the most popular destinations of Siberia known for its fairy tale beauty and unparallel environment for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, climbing, bouldering and horseback riding in summer and snowboarding alongside with cross-country and alpine skiing in winter season.

    It protects more than 3420 km2 of virgin wilderness, with mountainous terrain, numerous lakes, dense coniferous forest and alpine landscapes. The Park is located at the junction of Siberian mountainous taiga and dry continental steppes of Central Asia and is known for its spectacular landscapes and rich biodiversity. 

     The characteristic feature of the Park is its rugged terrain boasting steep mountains reaching an elevation of 2466 meters above sealevel (Aradansky peak) and low-lying Us river valley (700 m). By the way, river Us is the mightiest river in the Park. The highest summits are Aradan Peak (2466 m) in the Aradan Ridge and Zvezdniy (Star Peak, 2265 m) in the main Ergaki Ridge. The largest lake is Bol’shoye Buybinskoye (Large Buybinskoye Lake) while the most visited by hikers are Raduzhnoye (Rainbow) and Svetloye (Light) Lakes.

     The recreational zone is the heart of the park. It is the majestic Ergaki mountain ridge which ranges from 1100 to 2265 m. above sealevel. It offers visitors a chance to see picturesque peaks, breathtaking waterfalls, beautiful lakes and crystal-clear streams on a relatively compact territory.

      Each peak in Ergaki has its unique shape, and their names such as Bird (Ptitsa), Parabola (Parabola), Dinosaur (Dinozavr), Turtle (Cherepakha), Camel (Verbljud), Dragon’s Tooth (ZubDrakona), Little Elephant (Slonik) indicate the impressive array of mountain forms to be discovered. The abundance of splendid streams and crystal clear glacial lakes nestled in a colourful blanket of flowers make the gorgeous scenery of Ergaki unforgettable.

     One of the most celebrated features of Ergaki is Sleeping Sayan (SpyashchiySayan) – the range of peaks resembling a silhouette of a lying giant with arms crossed over his chest.

     Another fascinating hallmark of Ergaki is Hanging Rock (Visyachiy Kamen’)– an enormous block of granite-syenite rock which lies on the top of one of Ergaki's peaks defying the laws of gravity.

     Two sites in the Park – the Rock Town (Kamenniy Gorod) and Lake Oyskoe (Oyskoye ozero)– have the status of Nature Monuments. Rock Town is a stunning complex of rock sculptures located at the spurs of Kulumys ridge. Lake Oyskoe is one of the largest high-altitude lakes formed in pre-glacial age.