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Ergaki Nature Park

Research in Ergaki Nature Park

     The importance of research in protected areas can’t be overestimated. The research program must generate sound information to help resource managers deal with serious and complex threats, withstand increasingly detailed scrutiny, enhance public understanding, and foster cooperation with outside scientists and other agencies.

     Researchers study and preserve unique ecosystems, natural complexes and objects, typical flora and vegetation as well as endangered species. Implementation of research-based recommendations promotes minimization of the environmental impacts of tourism in the Park.

     Majority of current inventory and monitoring research projects are carried out by Park researches.  As a research location Ergaki Nature Park also attracts scientists and research groups from different universities most of which come to conduct scientific studies every summer on regular basis.

     Research in the Park is conducted in accordance with “State Assignment” which sets priorities in the system of environmental observations and determines what areas and which specialists should be involved in cooperation.

     The main objective of researches is informational and methodological support to conservation of Ergaki Nature Park ecosystems, scenic landscapes and biodiversity.

     In accordance with the Nature Park regulation research in the national park pursues the following aims:

     The program "Environmental monitoring" aims at systematic collection of information about natural processes and phenomena within the Ergaki Nature Park and its surroundings. The program has several purposes:

  -  to assess the condition of natural complexes and their individual components (plant and animal populations, objects of inanimate nature, etc.);

  -  to predict future changes in ecosystems (both negative and positive);

  -  to take adequate measures to respond to these processes.

     Each year the Park staff conducts traditional field winter monitoring (counting reindeer, large mammals upland fowl, otters and minks by observation and by their traces on snow) to assess the abundance and distribution of individual animal species in the Park.

      Staff members (researchers in cooperation with rangers) and volunteers regularly gather primary scientific data for long-term monitoring of environmental change. They have made several research plots in different parts of the Park.

     Recent researches conducted on the territory of the Park and adjacent territories enabled to identify the rare and endangered species of plants and animals listed in IUCN, Russia and Krasnoyarsk krai Red Lists. Fewnature reserves can boast such potential.

     Ergaki Nature Park invites volunteers and research organization to take part in further research of the territory. We look forward to new discoverers!