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Ergaki Nature Park

The department of nature protection

     Since the Ergaki Nature Park was established, great emphasis was placed on conservation. The department of nature protection consists of 27 rangers/inspectors with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the area, good observation and communication skills, loving nature and the outdoors and able to perform a full range of law enforcement duties in providing security and protection of the park. Rangers keep the park clean, maintain navigation system (trail marks and direction signs) build and repair boardwalks and other tourist infrastructure.

     At the Visitor Centre rangers register the Park visitors and inform them about the rules of conduct on tourist routes.

     Park rangers are trained in ecosystem management, wildlife ecology to preserve parks while mitigating the impact of human visitors. Park rangers spend a lot of time educating park visitors about the proper way to interact with natural landscapes and ecosystems, as well as enforcing regulations in situations where people refuse to cooperate.

     Rangers also spend their time observing, researching and monitoring animal populations. They may be involved in field researches as diverse as geology, meteorology or the study of local watersheds.

     There is a great deal of variation in the duties of a park ranger, and individual park rangers may find themselves in very different activities. Some park rangers focus almost exclusively on interaction with park visitors, educational programs and the management of park and human interfaces.