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Ergaki Nature Park

Visitor Centre

     The Visitor Center is the place to begin your visit to Ergaki Nature Park which presents a unique opportunity to provide visitors and residents with outdoor recreation, ecotourism and environmental interpretation. 

     The Visitor Centre of Ergaki Nature Park is located in at the 614 km of federal highway R-257 Yenisey (in Russian – P-257) which connects Krasnoyarsk – the center of Krasnoyarsk krai – Kyzyl - the capital of the Tuva Republic. Pay attention that in old maps the road is marked as M-54!

     All tourists coming to the Park must register in the Visitor Centre. Information officers will check you in, give safety instructions and inform about the rules of conduct on tourist routes. Visitor Centre staff can also provide information on current bear activity and weather forecast.

      Never leave the park without informing the Park staff!!!

You can inform about leaving the park:

  1) in person;

  2) by texting a message “Name Surname (e.g. John Stanley) is leaving Ergaki NP Date (e.g. 12 July 2017)” to the Visitor-Centre information officers +7-902-013-7925;

  3) by e-mail: ergakipark@mail.ru during 2 days after leaving the territory of the park.

Otherwise the Rangers will have to organize mountain rescue teams to search for lost tourists!

     The Visitor Centre is the gateway to several picturesque hiking and trekking routes. It offers a majestic view of the symbol of the Park – Sleeping Sayan. Nowadays the Visitor Centre is one of the main cultural-and-educational institutions in the region.  Visitors come to the center for education programs, recreation and special events (conferences, summer schools, etc).

      You'll always find a warm welcome here.  A team of friendly and knowledgeable information officers and rangers will help you make the most of your visit to the Nature Park.       A very special experience is the discovering of the park accompanied by a Park ranger. Visitors can choose from a range of excursions or plan an individual guided tour. The most popular guided tours are hiking to Rock Town, Hanging Rock and Siberian Hunter’s Trail.

      The premises of the Visitor Centre accommodate:

     The visitors could stay overnight in the campsite and park a car near the Visitor Centre. The campsite provides wooden platforms for tents, a campfire site, a picnic table, a pit toilet, garbage cans. 

     Excursions to the Museum of nature are free of charge. You will get to know about history of the Park, its geography, flora and fauna, main landmarks from a guide, interactive and informative displays, a relief model or a film.

     Office hours

     The Visitor Centre is open from 8 a.m. till 10 p.m. any day of the week.

    *Please bear in mind that Visitor Center rangers speak Russian. In summer English speaking volunteers occasionally assist with registing visitors and organizing guided tours. Therefore, if you need detailed information and assistance don't hesitate to contact our Visitor Centre by e-mail ergakipark@mail.ru in advance.